Portrait of Pierre Billon the man behind PurpleFogSound

Introducing myself

Hi there, thank you for stopping by!

My name is Pierre Billon, I am a composer/producer based in Paris with a passion for composing hot tracks and designing new sounds.

I have over ten years of experience in music production. I first started, long ago, in a rock band where I was one of the main songwriters. Years later, with a couple of friends, we started composing, recording and our own Trip-hop music at home, learning production basics and tricks. I then went on to sell Hip-Hop instrumentals on an online marketplace, while working at a professional studio, where I recorded numerous bands and artists. I also co-produced, French-Norwegian artist, Mayro’s first album, and produced sound design and music for the theater.

Exclusive Author at Audiojungle

Buy royalty-free music by PurpleFogSound at Audiojungle

Under the brand Purple Fog Music, I am an exclusive author at Audiojungle where I have a growing portfolio intended for media usage and available for royalty-free licensing.

I joined the marketplace in December 2012, putting up tracks one after another, slowly building up my portfolio and my reputation. In September 2013, I was selected (out of 8000+ authors) as Featured Author of the Week, by then I had gained visibility, reputation and sales and had established my brand in the “jungle”, which allowed me to reach 100 sales in November 2013.

My music has been used in numerous and various projects such as:

  • International TV broadcasts, commercials and shows
  • Short films
  • Online advertising campaigns
  • Corporate presentations
  • Video games

Music with a purple vibe

Influenced by music from all styles and from all over the world, I love creating tracks with strong visual quality that convey bold emotions and deliver the purple energy that will spice up your project.

In addition to the music, I produce sound FXs (whooshes, impacts, urban and industrial sounds,…), logos and identity, as well as audio backgrounds with a unique atmosphere.

Want to give your video or web projects that edgy purple vibe? Then check out my portfolio and get the track you need now!


I am available for freelance work. Whether you need custom made music or editing on an existing track, please feel free to contact me.