Royalty-Free Trip Hop Music – Faded Memories

Royalty-Free Trip Hop Music - Faded Memories by PurpleFogSound

Emotional Downtempo!

Faded Memories is a bittersweet and emotionally charged down-tempo track, sitting right at the corner of Trip-Hop and Ambient. The music will bring cool nonchalance and a dash of sophisticated nostalgia to your project.

The track was crafted so as to allow your project to unleash its full emotional potential while soothing your audience with a chill attitude so they feel good about your project.

Starting with tremolo keyboards and reversed swelling sound layers, Faded Memories is driven by a groovy bass and a cool down-tempo drum beat. A mysterious woman’s voice seems to be calling from another time, luring the listeners to nostalgia. Floating slide guitar sound effects accentuate the vaporous atmosphere of the piece.

With its bittersweet atmosphere, chill mood and emotional energy, this smooth ambient track will be the perfect soundtrack to your emotionally charged scene!
Perfect for:

Background music for emotional video projects, cityscape, advertising spots, commercials, love scenes, videos about friendship, videos about youth, fond memories videos, remembering the past videos,…

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