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About Purple Fog Music

Pierre Billon is a composer and music producer at Purple Fog Music

The Man behind the Fog

Hi there, thank you for stopping by!

My name is Pierre Billon, I am a composer/producer based in Paris, France.

Passionate about all types of music, I enjoy exploring various genres as a way to express my creativity. From organic acoustic pieces with an earthy feel, to explosive electronic tracks that will rock your project!

I have over fifteen years of experience in music production. From songwriting in a rock band, to creating sound design and music for various theater plays, to being a sound engineer in a recording studio, to, finally, publishing hundreds of tracks online available for licensing.

For the last decade, thanks to a rich portfolio and the global reach offered by online marketplaces, my music has been used in thousands of projects, throughout the world, from close to a hundred countries!

The Story of Purple Fog Music

  1. 2012

    Purple Fog Music is born. First track published on Audiojungle

  2. 2013

    Feature Author of the Week, out of 8000+ authors.

  3. 2015

    First time my music is used in a video with over a million views

  4. 2016

    First time my music is aired on National TV

  5. 2016-2020

    Major Brands took an interest and used my music!

  6. 2021

    New studio!

  7. 2021

    My music has been used in thousands of projects worldwide!

Exclusive Author at Audiojungle

Under the brand Purple Fog Music, I am an exclusive author at Audiojungle where I have a rich portfolio intended for media usage and available licensing.

I joined the marketplace and uploaded my first track in December 2012. I was quickly selected (out of then 8000+ authors) as Featured Author of the Week, which gave me a boost in visibility and helped established my brand in the “Jungle”. From then on, I’ve been building up my portfolio.


As time went by, more and more people took an interest in using my music, major brands, TV channels, ad agencies, marketing agencies, institutions, video game editors, video freelancers, churches, schools, universities, and many more!

For the last eight years, and through Envato/Audiojungle’s global reach, my music has been used in more than 89 countries, in numerous and various projects, such as:

  • International TV broadcasts, commercials and shows
  • Short films
  • Online advertising campaigns
  • Corporate presentations
  • Cooking shows
  • Brand identity
  • Sports events
  • Institutional videos
  • Live shows
  • Pageant shows
  • Video games

Some of my more famous Customers:

While I am grateful for all my customers, some of them have big names and I can’t help but feel proud about those. Here are some of them!


My Creative Process

  1. Getting Music Ideas

    This is the first step: playing around with my guitar to try and get new ideas.

  2. Rough Draft

    This is where I write the main melody and basic structure of the song.

  3. Recording

    I record the live instruments. Sometimes it's very lengthy process, as I'm not an instrumentist.

  4. Orchestration

    This is the part of the process that requires the most work. I write different parts for the different instruments. Create the sonic environment, and rewrite...and rewrite... and rewrite...

  5. Mixing/Mastering

    Where each instrument finds its place and where tracks unify as a song. Effects are applied, tracks are spatialized. Then I give the track its final polish... and we have a song, ladies and gentlemen!


Music with a Purple vibe

Influenced by music from all styles and from all over the world, I love creating tracks with strong visual quality that convey bold emotions and deliver the purple energy that will spice up your project.

In addition to the music, I produce sound FXs (whooshes, impacts, urban and industrial sounds,…), logos and identity, as well as audio backgrounds with a unique atmosphere.

Want to give your video or web projects that edgy purple vibe? Then check out my portfolio and get the track you need now!

Available as a Freelancer

Do you need help making a track fit your project perfectly, maybe some cuts or special edits? Do you like my music, but you’d rather have something original for your one of a kind project? Well, I am available for freelance work, so let’s collaborate!

Whether you need editing on an existing track or custom made music, please feel free to contact me.


  • Our Twitter feed is currently unavailable but you can visit our official twitter page @PurpleFogMusic.

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