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Need some clarification?

Please, check out these frequently asked questions. Hopefully, it might give you the answer you seek. If not, feel free to contact me through the mail form.

What is Audiojungle?

AudioJungle is the world’s leading marketplace for music and audio, by Australian company Envato. The site is home to a bustling community of audio composers and producers.

What is royalty-free music?

Royalty-free, or RF, refers to the right to use copyrighted material or intellectual property, by paying a license fee once per end product, without the need to pay royalties or on-going fees for each views or per volume sold.

Can I use your music for free?

No, sorry. My music requires a license to be used.

Which license do I need?

Audiojungle’s licensing model offers 5 different licenses, to better address music specific use, such as standard web use, TV broadcasting, mass reproduction and even theatrical release. Check the table on the right (click to enlarge) to know which license is right for you.

AudioJungle Music Licenses
How do I determine my audience size?

The size of your audience matters only for broadcast uses. Different Broadcast licenses are required depending on the size of your audience. The actual audience score is irrelevant, what matters is the potential reach, or broadcast DMA, of the broadcaster.

For instance, if your video is broadcast on a national TV channel with a potential reach of 20 million, then the Music Broadcast and Films would be required. Regardless of the actual audience of the video/TVshow.

Why did I receive a copyright claim on my Youtube video?

My music is registered with YouTube’s audio fingerprinting and recognition system, ContentID. This system will generate a copyright notice indicating that there is copyrighted material in your upload. Your license can be used to quickly lift the copyright claim, so that you can monetize your video.

Simply fill this form with your license and video information. The claim will be lifted within a few hours. Of course, you can contact me, should you need any help with the process.

Can I use the music in more than one video?

A license is good for a single application or one unique end-product. A second end-product would require a new license.

However variations such as translations and cut-down versions are allowed with the same license.

There is also a “series” policy which allows for the use of a single license for up to 52 episodes within a year of a same series.

Can I add vocals over your music and make a song out of it?

My music is meant to be used as part of a larger project, such as a video. You may not use the music as a stand-alone music track. You are not allowed to add lyrics/vocals and make a song out of it.

Why do some tracks have a different title on Audiojungle?

Due to the way the Audiojungle’s search engine works, creative titles are penalized. This is the reason why many titles there are just tag words. Some of my tracks had to have their titles changed to tag words as well, so as not to be lost in oblivion.

In any case, the real and correct title is the one displayed on my website, my YouTube channel and pretty much anywhere but Audiojungle.

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