Emotional Organic Acoustic Music!

Foggy Shores is a powerful and moving acoustic track that will bring warmth and emotions to your video and touch your audience!

The track was crafted for the purpose of allowing your project to unleash its full emotional potential. Soothe your audience with warm music and make them feel good about your project!

Built around a main acoustic guitar playing sweet arpeggios, the track is driven by tight drums, a “rootsy” djembe and a round bass. Bright bell like sounds play a soft melody.

With its emotional energy, warm atmosphere and positive mood, Foggy Shores will be the perfect soundtrack to your warm and soothing video!

  • Duration:2:05
  • BPM:86
  • Genre:Acoustic, Folk
  • Mood:Emotional, Warm, Organic, Nostalgic
  • Instruments:Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Glockenspiel, Percussion Drums

Perfect for:

Warm acoustic music for: emotional video projects, outdoors video, friendship celebration, wedding video, Nature video, Timelapse, emotional content,…