Ambient soundscape for meditation!

Meditation is a slow and meditative ambient music for meditation soundscape. It will certainly mesmerize your audience with its hypnotic atmosphere.

Specifically crafted so as to create a mysterious yet inviting atmosphere, this track will draw your audience in! They will thus embark on a journey of the mind that will lead them to a higher level of consciousness and receptiveness. Get your audience captivated. Make them feel good about themselves so that they feel good about your project!

This track features several sound textures that create a lush and ethereal sonic scenery. A Harp and a hang drum play a few notes here and there, while percussive elements drift around.

Luring sound, mysterious atmosphere and mellow groove, the perfect soundtrack for your conscious project!

  • Duration:2:48
  • BPM:77
  • Genre:Ambient
  • Mood:Meditative, Peaceful, Inner Journey
  • Instruments:Synths, Sound Design, Bells, Plucked Strings

Perfect for:

Background ambient music: for projects such as guided meditation, yoga class, conscious themes, space and astrophysics videos, metaphysics videos, relaxation seminar, spa, timelapse videos, slow-motion, slow-mo, corporate presentations, slideshows, Youtube videos, new technologies, inspirational stories,…