Hopeful Chill Music!

Blue Horizon is a hopeful and inspiring chill track that will positively energize your project!

The track was crafted for the purpose of allowing your project to unleash its full emotional potential. Soothe your audience with a chill attitude and they will feel good about your project!

Driven by an abstract drumbeat and an groovy round bass, the track features a wobbly tremolo guitar and a smooth Rhodes keyboard. A wet piano plays a cool melody, while atmospheric synths and a resonant mallet set the mood.

Hopeful atmosphere, chill mood and positive energy, this smooth chill track will be perfect for your cool urban themed project!

  • Duration:2:11
  • BPM:110
  • Genre:Chillout Music, Lounge Music, Electro
  • Mood:Chill, Cool, Summer, Hopeful, Emotional
  • Instruments:Electric Guitars, Piano, Keyboards, Choir, Strings, Bells, Bass, Drumbeat

Perfect for:

Chill music for: nightlife video projects, cityscape, advertising spots, commercials, timelapse videos, inspirational stories, hi-tech presentations,…