Hot Boombap Music for Media!

Disco Boombap is a hot Boombap music for media track with a silky Disco vibe. Let it bring cool confidence as well as warm energy to your video!

The classic Hip-Hop sound of the boombap subgenre makes it so that this track is bursting with cool old-school energy!

Specifically crafted for this, Disco Boombap will allow your video to unleash its cool. Get your audience excited and captivated! Let them get their own groove on too, so that they feel good about your project!

Driven by a heavy Boombap drum beat and a deep bass, the track features classic Hip-Hop chopped samples, MPC style. The strings and funky guitar samples, as well as chopped female vocals, give a Disco flavor to this hot Hip-hop track.

Classic Hip Hop beat, cool attitude and Disco energy, this hot Boombap track will be the perfect for your cool and bold project!

  • Duration:2:28
  • BPM:92
  • Genre:Hip-Hop, BoomBap
  • Mood:Emotional, Exciting, Luxurious
  • Instruments:Strings, Keyboards, Samplers, Bass, Drum Beat

Perfect for:

Boombap hip-hop music perfect for: vlogs, commercials, cityscape, advertising spots, urban scenes, real-estate presentations, fashion videos, travel guides, event announcements, luxury videos,…