Epic Drums with Brazilian Flavor!

Drums of Rio is an exciting and powerful percussion track, that will create excitement and energize your audience. Grab their attention and get them all pumped up and ready to embrace your project!

The track was crafted so as to unleash its full epic energy upon your project, while creating a distinctive Brazilian flavor!

Drums of Rio features heavy hitting epic drums such as big toms, taiko drums and massive impacts, as well as traditional Brazilian percussion such as agogo bells, caixi, congas, timbales and surdo. Heavy, epic, bouncy and feverish at the same time, like the heart of Rio beating for the Olympics!

With its epic atmosphere, feverish rhythms and Brazilian energy, this drums track will be the perfect soundtrack to your Olympics video!

  • Duration:2:18
  • BPM:135
  • Genre:Brazilian, Percussion Drums, World Music
  • Mood:Epic, Energetic, Brazilian, Summer
  • Instruments:Epic Drums, Brazilian Percussion Drums, SFX

Perfect for:

Brazil drums music for: sports video projects, Olympics related material, advertising spots, commercials, action scenes, sports events, tourism videos, travel videos, videos about Brazil, videos about Rio, Youtube videos,…