Epic Celtic Music for Media!

Celtic Shores is a powerful and moving orchestral piece that will bring epic emotions as well as a strong Celtic identity to your video!

The track was crafted for the purpose of allowing your project to unleash its full emotional potential, emphasize your scene with epic glory and deliver the wisdom of an ancient time. Make your audience travel to Celtic shores in the days of old!

Built around a main Celtic harp playing sweet arpeggios, the track is driven by Bodhran drums and percussive acoustic guitars ans is punctuated by epic hits. Lush strings, underlined by a choir, create an atmosphere of grandeur. A violin, a flute and a bagpipe-like instrument, play each other off with a repetitive melody, in the pure Celtic tradition.

With its emotional energy, glorious medieval atmosphere and proud Celtic identity, Celtic Shores will be the perfect soundtrack to your epic and Celtic themed videos!

  • Duration:2:03
  • BPM:120
  • Genre:Celtic, Cinematic, Orchestral
  • Mood:Celtic, Mysterious,
  • Instruments:Lyra, Celtic Harps, Celtic Flutes, Bag pipe, String section, Bodhran, Frame Drums

Perfect for:

Celtic cinematic music for: Celtic themed videos, medieval scenes, historical documentary, Celtic legends, Ireland tourism videos, Scotland travel videos, Wales tourism videos, Cornwall travel videos, Brittany tourism videos, Celtic crafts, viking videos,…