Orchestral Christmas Music !

Magical Christmas is a beautiful and moving orchestral piece that will sprinkle magic onto your video and help you achieve that mysterious Christmas atmosphere. Get your audience in touch with their inner child!

This royalty-free Christmas music creates a positive and luscious Christmas atmosphere with just a dash of mystery. The classic orchestration will give a posh polish to your Christmas themed project!

Built around a eerie celesta playing sweet arpeggios, the track is driven by sleigh-bells coming in from the snow. Lush strings, as well as whirling woodwinds and a warm brass section, create the movement of the piece. Finally, bright church bells enhance the Christmas atmosphere.

With its luxurious orchestral energy, Christmas atmosphere and positive mood, Magical Christmas will be the perfect soundtrack to your Christmas video!

  • Duration:2:20
  • BPM:100
  • Genre:Orchestral, Christmas Music
  • Mood:Warm, Magical, Emotional, Majestic, Dreamy
  • Instruments:Orchestra, Bells, Sleigh Bells

Perfect for:

Orchestral Christmas music for: Christmas themed videos, seasonal greetings, holiday celebration, Christmas commercials, Christmas communications,…