Inspiring Corporate Music for your innovative Tech project!

Inspirational Technology is a bright and motivating track that will create direct connections with your audience by stirring positive emotions.

With a clean corporate sound, this track is full of positive energy and dynamic excitement.The chord progression evokes endless possibilities and challenging achievements. The clean and smooth arrangement create a soothing musical environment with just a hint of urgency.

The track was crafted for the purpose of bringing positive excitement to your inspirational project. Get your audience excited and captivated. Make them feel good about themselves and they will feel good about your project.

Built around a catchy gimmick played by delayed electric guitar harmonics, the track is driven by a marching kick drum and bass. A bright piano and various keyboards and mallets create a rich and inspiring atmosphere. Lush strings and pizzicato violins add a touch of elegance and smooth urgency.

Simple and catchy melody, positive atmosphere and uplifting mood, this track will be perfect for your innovative project!

  • Duration:2:35
  • BPM:110
  • Genre:Corporate, Motivational
  • Mood:Motivational, Smooth, Soothing, Professional
  • Instruments:Piano, Electric Guitars, Bells, Bass, Drums

Perfect for:

Background Corporate music for: uplifting and inspiring motivational videos, innovative project, advertising, Timelapse videos, corporate presentations, slideshows, Youtube videos, product presentations, inspirational stories,…