Exciting Hard Hitting Electro Music for Media full of Energy!

Electro Impact is a hard and heavy electro music for media track that will certainly energize your project!

Ready to unleash its full excitement potential, this hard-hitting track will shake up your audience! Give them an energy shot, so that they feel excited about your project!

Electro Impact is built around a gritty bass riff while hard-hitting drums drive the track forward. Harsh synths add to the strong energy. Meanwhile, wooshes, risers, downers, drum fills and impacts, keep things interesting throughout. Thus making this track a smashing audience pleaser and content energizer!

Hard hitting, raw atmosphere, and bold mood, this Hard Electro track will be perfect for your cool and exciting project!

  • Duration:2:18
  • BPM:129
  • Genre:Hard Electro
  • Mood:Bold, Aggressive, Driven
  • Instruments:Synthesizers

Perfect for:

Background Electro music for: exciting video projects, sports videos, fashion, bold statements, advertising spots, commercials, club scenes, event announcements, extreme sports, exciting innovation,…