Happy and Glamorous Electro!

Fashion Happy is a positive and glamorous Electro track that will energize your lifestyle video!

Specifically crafted so as to convey glamour and hype, Fashion Happy will unleash its full excitement potential onto your video. Shake up your audience with an energy boost and make them feel excited about your project!

Driven by a 4-on-the-floor beat, the track features pumping synths, funky guitars, as well as pluck leads. Furthermore, risers, drops, impacts enhance the dynamic quality of the track, while camera shutter sounds and female vocal samples create the glamorous fashion atmosphere.

Positive energy, sophisticated atmosphere and glamorous mood, Fashion Happy will be the perfect soundtrack to your cool and exciting project!

  • Duration:2:23
  • BPM:127
  • Genre:Electro, House
  • Mood:Fun, Happy, Glamorous, Summer
  • Instruments:Keyboards, Synths, Guitars, Bass, Drum Beat

Perfect for:

Electro music for: lifestyle video projects, fashion shows, make-up tutorials, advertising spots, commercials, club scenes, party scenes, event announcements, exciting innovation,…