Cool and Fun Electro music for media, full of Energy!

Push the Button is a banging and fun electro music for media track. Its fresh and hip attitude will certainly energize your project!

Crafted so as to allow your project to unleash its full excitement potential, this cool track will shake up your audience! Give them an energy shot so that they feel excited about your project!

Push the Button is built around a gritty bass riff while hard-hitting drums drive the track forward. Heavy guitars and harsh synths add to the strong energy. Meanwhile, wooshes, risers, downers, drum fills and impacts, keep things interesting throughout. Ultimately, all these come together to make this track a smashing audience pleaser and content energizer!

With its hard hitting energy, fresh attitude and bold mood, this fun Electro track will be perfect for your cool and exciting project!

  • Duration:2:07
  • BPM:115
  • Genre:Electro, House
  • Mood:Fun, Fresh, Hip, Bold
  • Instruments:Guitars, Synthesizers, Drum Beats

Perfect for:

Background Electro music for: exciting video projects such as, sports videos, fashion, bold statements, advertising spots, commercials, club scenes, event announcements, extreme sports, exciting innovation,…