Epic Cinematic Music!

Epic Rising is a powerful and intense epic cinematic music track with a furious atmosphere! It will create direct connections with your audience by rousing strong emotions.

Specifically crafted so as to unleash its full power, Epic Rising will instantly juice up your video with epicness. Get your audience excited and blown away so that your message leaves a greater impact!

Built around a fiery string ostinato, Epic Rising features stirring cellos, airy violins, as well as a furious brass section and heavy orchestral and cinematic drums. At the same time, ear candies such as huge impacts, drops, and various sweeps create a rich atmosphere and great tension.

With its apocalyptic energy, intense atmosphere and orchestral grandeur, Epic Rising will be the perfect soundtrack to your epic videos!

  • Duration:2:08
  • BPM:150
  • Genre:Cinematic, Orchestral, Hybrid
  • Mood:Epic, Heroic, Furious, Powerful
  • Instruments:Orchestra, Percussion Drums, SFX

Perfect for:

Epic cinematic music for: epic videos, historical documentaries, powerful advertising, intense announcements, sport events, trailer, youtube videos, extreme sports, rousing content,…