Epic Trailer Music!

Trailer is a powerful and intense cinematic track with a furious atmosphere!

This royalty-free epic trailer music was crafted so as to unleash its full power and instantly juice up your video with epicness. Get your audience excited and blown away with this in-your-face track and you’ll get their undivided attention!

Massive impacts and apocalyptic horns calling for battle play throughout the track. Ostinato strings drive the track forward and create a tangible urgency. While brass swells, distorted guitars and various sound effects, such as risers, drops, uppers, downers and allarounders, polish the aggressively epic sound.

With its apocalyptic energy, intense atmosphere and aggressive mood, Trailer will be the perfect soundtrack to your epic videos!

  • Duration:1:10 - 0:30
  • BPM:150
  • Genre:Cinematic, Orchestral
  • Mood:Epic, Intense, Battle, Apocalyptic
  • Instruments:Orchestra, Percussion Drums, Electric Guitars, Sound Design

Perfect for:

Epic Cinematic Trailer music for: trailers, epic videos, historical documentaries, powerful advertising, intense announcements, sportive events,…