Epic Music for Media!

Point of No Return is a powerful epic music for media cinematic track with both a glorious and slightly dark atmosphere!

Crafted so as to unleash its full power, this track will instantly juice up your video with emotional epicness. Get your audience excited and blown away so that you’ll get their undivided attention!

Dressed with a mysterious and somewhat dark ambience, the track features orchestral instruments such as violins, celli, uplifting woodwinds and rousing brass. A delicate piano serves as the backbone of the piece, while epic percussion drums beef up the sound.

Epic energy and intense atmosphere, Point of No Return will be the perfect soundtrack to your bold videos!

  • Duration:2:15
  • BPM:120
  • Genre:Cinematic, Orchestral
  • Mood:Epic, Intense, Battle, Emotional
  • Instruments:Orchestra, Sound Design

Perfect for:

Epic Cinematic music for: epic videos, trailers, historical documentaries, battle scene, powerful advertising, intense announcements, sportive events,…