Warm emotional Fiddle and Banjo Folk Music for Media

Banjo Ride is a powerful and moving folk music for media track. It will bring warmth and emotions to your video as well as move your audience!

Crafted so as to allow your video to unleash its full emotional potential, this folk track will connect directly with your audience. Soothe them with warm organic music, so that they feel good about your project!

Built upon swirling guitar arpeggios, the track features a driving banjo gimmick that gives off a festive vibe with a hint of urgency. A warm and gritty fiddle plays a homey melody that creates the emotional impact with just a touch of nostalgia. Meanwhile, slide guitars, shouts and a tambourine punctuate the track and produce the rich atmosphere.

Emotional energy, warm atmosphere and positive mood, Banjo Ride will be the perfect soundtrack to your warm and soothing video!

  • Duration:2:37
  • BPM:105
  • Genre:Acoustic, Folk, Americana
  • Mood:Warm, Emotional, Organic, Freedom
  • Instruments:Banjo, Guitars, Fiddle, Bass, Drums

Perfect for:

Background acoustic folk music for: video projects, outdoors video, friendship celebration, wedding video, Nature video, Timelapse, emotional content,…