Get your Groove on with this hot Funky music track!

Funky Groove is a hot and funky royalty-free groove music track that will give your video cool confidence as well as warm energy!

With a retro and funky sound, this track is bursting with raw energy and dynamic excitement.

The track was specifically crafted so as to allow your project to unleash its inner groove. Get your audience excited and captivated! Let them get their own groove on too, as a result, they will feel good about your project!

Driven by funky drums and a bold bass riff, the track features several electric guitars with a funky touch.  Furthermore, a Rhodes keyboard, an organ and a clavinet definitely aim for that 70’s touch. Finally, furious horns give the track all its power in addition to creating that hot, almost sweaty, atmosphere.

Smoky atmosphere, cool attitude and feverish energy, this hard grooving track will be perfect for your cool and bold project!

  • Duration:2:21
  • BPM:120
  • Genre:Groove, Funk
  • Mood:Confident, Cool, 70's
  • Instruments:Electric Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Horns, Drums

Perfect for:

Background Funky music for: nightlife video projects, cityscape, advertising spot, commercials, crime scene, casino scene, Las Vegas videos, drug scene, poker videos, love scene, sexy scene, scene with high stakes…