Get your Groove on with this hot Groove music track!

The House Always Wins is a hot and funky royalty-free groove music track that will give your video cool confidence as well as warm energy!

With a retro 70’s sound, this track is bursting with raw energy and dynamic excitement. In the style of Ocean’s Eleven, this track evokes images of Vegas. Picture high rollers having one wild night trying their luck at the casino. So, let’s get the dice rolling! Perfect for a “going-over-the-plan-one-last-time” montage scene!

Most of all, the track will allow your project to fully unleash its inner groove. Get your audience excited and captivated! Let them get their own groove on too, as a result, they will feel good about your project!

Driven by a bass riff, this warm groovy track with a retro 70’s atmosphere, features funky guitars, cool drums, a bouncy Rhodes keyboard, as well as hot swelling trumpets.

Warm and full of confident energy, with its retro chic quality, this track is an immediate audience pleaser and will add a cool attitude to your project!

  • Duration:2:20
  • BPM:120
  • Genre:Groove, Funk
  • Mood:Cool, Attitude, Confident, Glamorous, Exciting
  • Instruments:Keyboards, Electric Guitars, Horns, Bass, Drums

Perfect for:

Background Groove music for: nightlife video projects, cityscape, advertising spot, commercials, crime scene, casino scene, Las Vegas videos, drug scene, poker videos, love scene, sexy scene, scene with high stakes…