Orchestral Halloween Music!

Halloween Treat is a delightfully spooky royalty-free Halloween music track. It is both fun and spooky in the pure tradition of Halloween!

Halloween Treat features an intense and warm brass section, whirling woodwinds and lush strings. Additionally, a harpsichord, church organ and upright bass enhance the disturbing Halloween macabre mood while an ominous choir add an epic touch.

Eerie and delightfully scary, this orchestral Halloween music is indeed the perfect score to your Halloween themed project!

  • Duration:2:10
  • BPM:103
  • Genre:Halloween Music, Orchestral, Cinematic
  • Mood:Spooky, Mysterious, Eerie, Fun
  • Instruments:Orchestra, Harpsichord, Accordeon, Choir, Music Box

Perfect for:

Orchestral Halloween music for: Halloween themed video projects such as, Halloween event invitation, Halloween party invite, spooky Halloween videos, Halloween seasonal communication, Halloween greetings, …