Classic Hip-Hop music for Media!

Urban Memories is a cool and groovy classic Hip-hop music for media track. Let it bring cool confidence, as well as a dash of edgy nostalgia to your project!

I crafted this track specifically so that your project may unleash its full exciting potential. Galvanize your audience with a laid-back attitude and they will feel good about your project!

A classic Hip Hop beat, supported by a warm and groovy bass, drives the track forward . Moreover, old school samples of guitar, brass, strings, and vocal chops, do their thing. Together, they hence set the classic Hip-hop atmosphere. Meanwhile, various breaks, scratches and sweeping filter effects keeps things interesting and fun.

With its classic urban atmosphere, chill mood and emotional energy, this smooth Hip Hop track will be perfect for your cool urban themed project!

  • Duration:2:07
  • BPM:92
  • Genre:Hip-Hop, BoomBap
  • Mood:Cool, Nostalgic, Urban
  • Instruments:Guitars, Samplers, Drum Beat

Perfect for:

Boombap hip-hop music perfect for vlogs, commercials, cityscape, advertising spots, urban scenes, real-estate presentations, fashion videos, travel guides, event announcements, luxury videos,…