Inspiring Music with Cinematic Quality!

Circling Around the Sun is a rousing and moving track that will create direct connections with your audience by stirring deep and uplifting emotions.

The track was crafted for the purpose of allowing your inspirational project to unleash its full emotional impact. Get your audience excited and captivated. Make them feel good about themselves and they will feel good about your project!

Built around a smooth piano arpeggio and emotionally charged strings, the track is driven by a slowly revolving ticking sound that illustrate the passage of time. Beautifully resonating mallets instruments underline the celestial machinery concept of the piece. Cinematic percussion drums and a choir enhance the epic touch to make the track complete.

With its smooth sound, stellar atmosphere and uplifting mood, this track will be perfect for your inspirational project!

  • Duration:2:47
  • BPM:120
  • Genre:Cinematic, Orchestral
  • Mood:Emotional, Epic, Intense, Grandeur
  • Instruments:Orchestra, Piano, Choir, Percussion Drums, Sound Design

Perfect for:

Inspirational cinematic music for: uplifting and inspiring motivational video projects such as, advertising, Timelapse videos, slow-motion, slow-mo, corporate presentations, wedding productions, slideshows, Youtube videos, product presentations, inspirational stories,…