Inspirational track with fun EDM energy!

Inspirational EDM is a fun and explosive EDM track with an inspirational atmosphere. Let this track give your video, the energy shot that will make it pop!

Positive as much as intense, this driving track is bursting with youthful energy and dynamic excitement!

specifically crafted for this, Inspirational EDM will allow your bold inspirational video to unleash its full power. Get your audience excited and captivated, so that they will feel good about your project!

Built around bright synth chords, and pluck arpeggios, a clappy and pumpy Electro drum beat drives this exciting track home. All along, various synths, drops, sweeps and risers keep things interesting throughout, thus making the track a real audience pleaser!

With its positive melody, fun atmosphere and youthful energy, Inspirational EDM will be the perfect soundtrack to your inspiring videos!

  • Duration:2:39
  • BPM:130
  • Genre:Electro, EDM
  • Mood:Inspirational, Positive, Energetic, Exciting
  • Instruments:Piano, Electric Guitars, Synthesizers, Strings, Bass, Drum Beat

Perfect for:

Inspirational EDM for: fun video projects such as, inspirational stories, motivational videos, corporate videos, exciting product presentation, party scene, summer video, club scene, high-energy commercials, teen video, exciting content, fun events,…