Inspirational music with Epic sound!

Epic Inspirational is a royalty-free inspirational music piece with an epic orchestral sound that will create direct connections with your audience by stirring positive and uplifting emotions.

Specifically crafted for this, Epic Inspirational will allow your inspirational project to unleash its full emotional impact. Get your audience excited and captivated. Make them feel good about themselves so they feel good about your project!

Built around a bittersweet piano arpeggio, majestic and lush strings create an inspiring atmosphere. Fiery staccato strings arpeggio inject the energy. Driven by massive cinematic percussion drums such as taikos, epic toms, orchestral cymbals, as well as various hits, which give the track its epic feel. Woodwinds create a soft touch while a hot brass section amp up the intensity.

Epic sound, inspiring atmosphere and uplifting mood, this is the perfect soundtrack to your inspirational project!

  • Duration:2:38
  • BPM:150
  • Genre:Orchestral, Cinematic
  • Mood:Inspiring, Epic, Glorious
  • Instruments:Piano, Orchestra, Percussion Drums

Perfect for:

Epic Inspirational background music for: uplifting and inspiring motivational video projects such as, advertising, Timelapse videos, slow-motion, slow-mo, corporate presentations, wedding productions, slideshows, Youtube videos, product presentations, inspirational stories,…