Hopeful and Inspiring Trip-Hop!

Trip Hope is a smooth and inspiring Trip-Hop track that will create direct connections with your audience by stirring deep and uplifting emotions.

The track creates a positive atmosphere with just a dash of mystery that will draw your audience in. They will embark on a journey of the mind that will lead them to a higher level of consciousness and receptiveness. Get your audience captivated, make them feel good about themselves so that they will feel good about your project!

Starting with delayed keyboard chords, the tracks slowly evolves with strings and pads, until a heavy Trip-Hop drum beat drives the track forward. An organic sounding mallet instrument plays the main riff. The intensity of the track is kicked up a notch towards the end with bright staccato strings and warm horns.

With its organic sound, mysterious atmosphere and mellow groove, this Trip-Hop track will be perfect for your conscious project!

  • Duration:2:33
  • BPM:75
  • Genre:Trip-Hop
  • Mood:Soothing, Warm, Soft, Inspiring
  • Instruments:Piano, Keyboards, Mallets, Guitars, Strings, Bass, Drums

Perfect for:

Inspiring Trip-Hop music for: uplifting and inspiring videos, advertising, Timelapse videos, slow-motion, slow-mo, corporate presentations, slideshows, Youtube videos, urban themed videos, new technologies, product presentations, inspirational stories, travel videos, tourism videos, beautiful nature scenes…