LoFi Music!

LoFi Hip Hop 4 is a chill and groovy LoFi Hip-hop music track with a Jazzy vibe. Let it bring cool confidence as well as a dash of sophisticated edge to your project!

Crafted with love and LoFi goodness, this track will certainly help your project unleash its full exciting potential. Give your audience a soothing chill vibe so that they feel good about your project!

A groovy classic Hip Hop beat drives the track forward, while an old piano gives it its Jazzy soul. Finally, various LoFi effects and processing create the signature nostalgic sound of LoFi Hip Hop.

With its chill Jazzy mood and LoFi sound, this track will be the perfect soundtrack to your cool and edgy project!

  • Duration:2:17
  • BPM:84
  • Genre:Lofi Hip-Hop
  • Mood:Cool, Retro, Chill, Edgy
  • Instruments:Piano, Keyboards, Bass

Perfect for:

LoFi hip-hop music perfect for: vlogs, commercials, cityscape, advertising spots, urban scenes, real-estate presentations, fashion videos, travel guides, travel montage, event announcements, luxury videos,…