Photograph adapted from original by Marcello Casal Jr for Agência Brasil under Creative Commons Attribution licence

Epic Brazilian Percussion Drums!

The whole world is all eyes on Brazil, as nations compete for the 2014 Football World Cup. This percussion based track renders the festive mood of big sports events with instantly recognizable typical Brazilian sounds, that will grab your audience attention and gets them all pumped up!

The track features traditional Brazilian percussions such as congas, bongos, timbales, agogo, caxixi, surdo as well as massive impacts. Sound effects, such as cheering crowd, air horns, referee whistles, recreate an exciting stadium atmosphere.

Get this track now and get ready for kick-off!

  • Duration:2:04
  • BPM:120
  • Genre:Percussion Music, Brazil Drums
  • Mood:Energetic, Hot, Summer, Brazilian, Sports
  • Instruments:Epic Percussion Drums, Brazilian Drums

Perfect for:

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