Energetic Stomps and Claps!

Stomps and Claps is a high stamina and powerful percussion track, that will create excitement and energize your audience. Grab their attention and get them all pumped up so that they’re ready to embrace your project!

The track was crafted so as to unleash its full epic energy upon your project, while retaining a cool edge!

Stomps and Claps features, yes you guessed it, claps ensembles and heavy stomps! But also, light snaps, metallic percussion, wooden drums, heavy hitting epic drums such as big toms, bass drums, dohl drums as well as various found sound.

With its high stamina and cool energy, this drums track will be the perfect soundtrack to your edgy video!

  • Duration:2:03
  • BPM:130
  • Genre:Percussion Music
  • Mood:Energetic, Edgy, Tribal, Attitude, Urban
  • Instruments:Claps, Stomps, Percussion Drums

Perfect for:

Percussion music for: edgy videos, high stamina videos, sports video projects, advertising spots, commercials, action scenes, sports events, tourism videos, kinetic typography animated videos, Youtube videos,…