High Energy Cinematic Drums!

Taiko Drums is a high stamina and powerful percussion music for media track, that will create excitement, as well as energize your audience. Grab their attention and get them all pumped up and ready to embrace your project!

The track was crafted so as to unleash its full epic energy upon your project, while retaining a cool edge!

Taiko Drums features, yes you guessed it, Taiko drums. These Japanese war drums provide a whole range of sounds, from booming lows to snappy highs. Played as an ensemble, they unleash their epic tribal energy, while setting up a cinematic atmosphere.

Thanks to its high stamina, epic energy, and impact, this drum track will be perfect for your energetic and edgy video!

  • Duration:1:05
  • BPM:140
  • Genre:Percussion Music
  • Mood:Epic, Battle, Energy, Tribal
  • Instruments:Taiko Drums, Percussion Drums

Perfect for:

Percussion music for: edgy videos, high stamina videos, sports video projects, advertising spots, commercials, action scenes, war sequences, sports events, tourism videos, kinetic typography animated videos, Youtube videos,…