Smooth and Cool!

Smooth Lounge is a smooth lounge music for media track. It will bring cool nonchalance, as well as a dash of sophisticated sexiness to your project!

I crafted this track specifically so that your project may unleash its full emotional potential. Soothe your audience with a chill attitude. You know they will feel good about your project!

A groovy drumbeats drives the track forward, while a piano plays the main part, interspersed with various electric keyboards. Long guitar chords strums, as well as wet trumpets moving in the distance create a bittersweet and meditative atmosphere.

With its “late night” atmosphere, chill mood and sensual energy, this smooth lounge music for media track will be perfect for your cool urban themed project!

  • Duration:2:37
  • BPM:70
  • Genre:Jazzy Lounge
  • Mood:Cool, Smooth, Nonchalant
  • Instruments:Piano, Keyboards, Guitars, Trumpet, Bass, Drums

Perfect for:

Smooth Lounge music for: nightlife video projects, cityscape, advertising spots, commercials, bar scenes, hotel presentations, fashion videos, travel guides, event announcements, luxury videos,…