Driving Synthwave music!

Photon Burner is an exciting and epic Synthwave music track that, above all, will energize your video and woo your audience!

With its delightfully outdated futuristic sound, as well as immersive atmosphere, Synthwave music is an instant audience pleaser! It’s used everywhere and it seems people can’t get enough of it! It’s retro futuristic vibe gives a cool edge to any project. Now, thanks to this cool track, it could make your video awesome too!

Due to its analogue synthesizers from a past future, Photon Burner will instill euphoric nostalgia within your viewers. Shake up your audience with a retro energy boost, so that they feel excited about your project!

Photon Burner mixes old synth sounds with modern production techniques. It features classic 80’s synthesizers playing layers of chords as well as plucky arpeggios and soaring melodies. A heavy drum beat drives the track home, while various sound fx help set up the atmosphere.

Fun energy, neo-retro atmosphere and positive mood, this Synthwave track will be perfect for your cool and exciting video!

  • Duration:2:33
  • BPM:92
  • Genre:Synthwave
  • Mood:Nostalgic, Emotional, Driving, 80's
  • Instruments:Synthesizers

Perfect for:

Background Retro Synthwave music perfect for: hype video projects, fashion shows, advertising spots, commercials, trendy videos, sci-fi videos, new technology, futuristic videos, exciting innovation,…