Inspiring Trip Hop Music for Media!

Liquid Nitrogen is an inspiring and hypnotic Downtempo track that will create direct connections with your audience by stirring deep and uplifting emotions.

The track was crafted for the purpose of creating a smooth and positive atmosphere that will soothe and inspire your audience. Get your audience captivated, make them feel good about themselves and they will feel good about your project!

Built upon organic sounding mallet arpeggios, this Downtempo track is driven by a typically Trip-Hop sounding round bass and half-time gltichstep beat. A bright keyboard plays the chords along with several, more or less distorted, electric guitars. A harsh synth riff balances the otherwise smooth sound.

With its positive and hypnotic atmosphere, this Trip-Hop track will be perfect for your cool inspirational project!

  • Duration:2:20
  • BPM:70
  • Genre:Trip-Hop, Downtempo
  • Mood:Hopeful, Inspirational, Immersive, Emotional
  • Instruments:Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Piano, Keyboards, Bass, Synth, SFX, Drum Beat

Perfect for:

Trip Hop music for: uplifting and inspiring video projects such as, advertising, Timelapse videos, slow-motion, slow-mo, corporate presentations, slideshows, Youtube videos, urban themed videos, new technologies, product presentations, inspirational stories,…