Summery Trip-Hop!

Midsummer Trip-Hop is a bittersweet Trip-Hop track that will create direct connections with your audience by stirring deep and uplifting emotions.

Specifically crafted so as to create an emotionally charged atmosphere, Midsummer Trip-Hop will draw your audience in. Hence, they will embark on a journey of the mind that will leave them reminiscent of treasured past memories. Get your audience captivated, make them feel good about themselves, so that they will feel good about your project!

Driven by a groovy bass and powerful Trip Hop drums, this Trip Hop track features several layers of electric guitars playing shimmery arpeggios, hypnotic drones, intense powerchords, slick licks as well as emotionally charge leads. Furthermore, various sound effects create the hypnotic atmosphere and keep the track interesting throughout.

With its luring sound, bittersweet atmosphere and mellow groove, this track will be perfect for your emotional video!

  • Duration:2:50
  • BPM:75
  • Genre:Trip-Hop, Downtempo
  • Mood:Emotional, Summery, Nostalgic
  • Instruments:Electric Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, SFX

Perfect for:

Trip Hop music for: uplifting and inspiring video projects such as, advertising, Time-lapse videos, slow-motion, slow-mo, corporate presentations, slideshows, Youtube videos, urban themed videos, new technologies, product presentations, inspirational stories,…