Upbeat Indie Rock!

Upbeat Indie Rock is an energetic rock track. Let it shake up your audience as well as get them excited about your project!

Specifically crafted so as to allow your project to unleash its full upbeat energy, this track wastes no time and delivers right away!

Two crunchy guitars drives the track forward while hard hitting drums and claps set the pace and the groove. A cool rock organ comes in to support the guitars. Then a phasey and vibing lead guitar plays a playful lick.

With its upbeat atmosphere, fun mood and raw energy, this indie rock track will energize your video and be a sure audience pleaser!

  • Duration:2:07
  • BPM:200
  • Genre:Rock, Indie Rock
  • Mood:Energetic, Attitude, Rebel, Fast
  • Instruments:Electric Guitars, Bass, Organ, Drums, Shouts

Perfect for:

Upbeat Indie Rock for: energetic video projects, cityscape, advertising spots, commercials, sports videos, videos about friendship, videos about youth, Youtube videos, product presentations, inspirational stories,…