1. Epic Cinematic Music for Media - Dark Epic Purple Fog Music 2:12
  2. Percussion Music for Media - Taiko Drums Purple Fog Music 1:05
  3. Epic Cinematic Music - Epic Rising Purple Fog Music 2:08
  4. Epic Music for Media - Point of No Return Purple Fog Music 2:16
  5. Ambient Music for Media - Ancient Wisdom Purple Fog Music 2:27
  6. Inspirational Music for Media - Epic Inspirational Purple Fog Music 2:39
  7. Inspirational Music for Media - When We Were Giants Purple Fog Music 2:52
  8. Epic Music for Media - Trailer Purple Fog Music 1:11
  9. Inspirational Music for Media - Circling Around The Sun Purple Fog Music 2:47
  10. Percussion Drums Music for Media Purple Fog Music 1:11
  11. Percussion Drums Music for Media - Chase Drums Purple Fog Music 1:02
  12. Celtic Music for Media - Celtic Shores Purple Fog Music 2:04
  13. Cinematic Music for Media - Passengers Purple Fog Music 2:51
  14. Cinematic Music for Media - One Step Ahead Purple Fog Music 2:18
  15. Cinematic Music for Media - Jericho Purple Fog Music 2:57
  16. Cinematic Music for Media - Desert Wind Purple Fog Music 2:50

Epic Music for your epic video!

Emotionally charged sonic fury, big sound, intense, here is the cinematic collection!

Here you’ll find epic full orchestras with hybrid percussion and heavy impacts, huge choirs, emotional strings, as well as stirring piano solos.

These cinematic scores are perfectly suited for illustrating your action sequences, suspense scenes, emotional videos, or film trailers.

Make it big, make it bold with this epic music!

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Cinematic Music

Genres : Epic Music, Orchestral Music
Format : Digital Download