1. SFX for Media - Ultimate Whoosh Pack Purple Fog Music 0:57
  2. SFX for Media - Chipmunk Pack Purple Fog Music 0:30
  3. SFX for Media - At the Bus Stop Purple Fog Music 0:24
  4. SFX for Media - Crunchy Chew Purple Fog Music 0:12
  5. SFX for Media - Radio Imaging FXs Pack Purple Fog Music 2:23
  6. SFX for Media - Ultimate Squidgy Pack Purple Fog Music 0:25
  7. SFX for Media - Roadside Purple Fog Music 0:38

Sound FXs designed for your videos!

This collection features my sound creations, short SFXs or longer audio scenes capturing the atmosphere of different places, in urban or nature settings.

From organic field recording to creative sound design, these high quality sounds will add realism or ear-candy effects to your project.

Treat your video to some ear candy!

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SFX by Purple Fog Music

Genres : Foley, SFX, Sound Design, Sound Effects
Format : Digital Download
Format : Digital Download