1. Groove Music for Video - Upright Bass Groove Purple Fog Music 2:26
  2. Groove Music for Media - Funky Groove Purple Fog Music 2:22
  3. Electro Funk Music for Media - Funky Sauce Purple Fog Music 2:30
  4. Groove Music for Media - Feverish Groove Purple Fog Music 2:34
  5. Groove Music for Media- The House Always Wins Purple Fog Music feat. Yann Richard 2:20
  6. Groove Music for Media - Cool Bass Purple Fog Music 2:09
  7. Groove Music for Media - Pizza Box Groove Purple Fog Music feat. Yann Richard 2:24
  8. Retro Groove Music for Media - Black Jack Purple Fog Music 2:16
  9. Groove Music for Media - The Boss Would Like to See You Purple Fog Music 0:45
  10. Groove Music for Media - Smooth Sparkles Purple Fog Music 0:45
  11. Groove Music for Media - Black Lace Purple Fog Music 1:01

Get your Groove On!

Heavy on the bass, syncopated guitars, cool drums, hot horns, these tracks are groovy, bouncy, lush and glamorous!

Funky tracks with a retro 70’s sound, or more modern with just a dash of electro, these tracks will add confidence and a cool attitude to your video!

Groovy, man!

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Groove Music

Genres : Funk, Groove Music
Format : Digital Download
Format : Digital Download